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Management informatics is applied study based on management theory and the use of computer. Management informatics makes information resource able to be used efficiently in Business administration. It handles General Business administration and the field of information technology or Metrical Business administration for rational decision making. By combining these field, on the inside, it teaches business management through rational decision making and new management technique through information management technique. On the outside, it teaches discernment creating new business opportunity by making full use of information technique strategically.


-Objectives of education

It wasn't long ago to process main task of academic affairs using information system and also it is the latest to order products on the internet.
Business circumstances have been changing very quickly in recent years
The most important thing is to process management problem more effectually.



Career generally can be categorized as management information specialization and study-abroad/ school admission/ establishment.
Career target of Management information specialization is as in the followings.
(1) First of all, It can be SI company. SI company develops large-scale information system by accepting orders.
(2)Second, this company have relevance to the variety of internet business company, that's why significant area of advance is the company related internet business(business transaction, portal)
(3)Third, there are Information System development company or information processing software(package) development company.
Generally, the group of enterprise is the field of work putting knowledge of management system. These group of enterprises have a variety of type that we cannot define in a single word. It can be large, small and medium-sized enterprise, distribution and parcel enterprise, and market analysis and consultant enterprise. Business department career is general business department. The various area to go into is Accounting/Marketing/Personnel/Finance/Production. In case of study-abroad, MIS Graduate school is popular especially in America.
Therefore, the goal can be study-abroad or school admission.